My Story

i love transforming ordinary rooms into beautiful and comfortable living spaces…

As an adolescent born and raised in Durham, NC, I loved decorating my bedroom but I didn’t have much money to buy things. So, I would rearrange my furniture, paint the walls and even put different color light bulbs in my table lamp. It was so amazing to me to see how a few changes made the room look so different.

Once I became an adult and had my own home, I would still find creative ways to refresh my furniture. Also, I started constructing new decor pieces using ordinary items I already had. It surprised me to see how similar the items looked to those I’ve seen in the store. I no longer enjoyed just buying decor in the store. I wanted to make my own. I valued it more. It was important to keep the cost low yet keep the look “high-end”. I love to decorate using neutral colors to create a calm, comfortable yet inviting environment. As I continued to do this, the more confident I became. It was a new way of life for me.

As time passed, I decided to decorate for others, as well as, teach those that wanted to learn.


In April 2019, I created the company, “Noir Home Interiors, L.L.C.” to offer professional decorating services, handcrafted products and classes to the public.* On this site, you have the ability to book in-person classes, purchase decor pieces I handcraft, as well as, book a decor consultation with me. To learn more about the services offered, click here.