• 1” x 6” x 8’ of Lumber (Qty: 2)

  • Drill & Drill bit

  • 1 1/2” Wood Screws

  • - Nail Gun and Brad Nails

  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

  • Plaster of Paris @ Amazon

  • Cold Water

  • Floral Foam (Qty: 3 Packs @ Dollar Tree)

  • Artificial Grass (Qty: 5 Packs @Amazon)

  • Craft Paint (Color: Wrought Iron @ Michaels)

  • Felt Pads @ Dollar Tree


Hey guys! I'm working on adding a few decorations in my living room and I had the idea of adding a planter on top of my TV stand but I couldn't find one that was wide enough so I decided to make my own so I can have the exact size and save a little money.

I went to Home Depot and purchased two 1x6x8 pieces of lumber and cut it down into 3 pieces that were 48” inches wide and 2 pieces that were 5” inches wide.

First, I took my power drill and made pilot holes on the end of two of the long pieces of wood.


Next, I placed a strip of wood glue on the end and connected the longest and short pieces together with wood screws. I inserted the last long piece of wood which is my bottom piece but it was a little tough to do. if you do decide to try this project, make sure you connect the bottom long piece before connecting the other side.

I realized I didn't have enough screws so I decided to nail the pieces together. I wanted my planter to have a rock-like texture to it so I purchased Plaster of Paris. All I did was place five scoops of plaster of Paris using a paint can top in the container and then added cold water.


The consistency should look like peanut butter. I elevated the planter with two wood blocks and started adding Plaster of Paris using my hands. Please make sure you're wearing gloves for this.

I waited 30 minutes for the plaster to dry. Then, I painted it with Rustoleum’s gray spray paint.

Next, I added felt pads to the base of the planter to protect my TV stand.

Now, I'm ready to add floral foam to the inside of the planter.

I'm positioned them where I wanted them first then went back in with a hot glue gun to
secure them down.

The last step is to add the faux grass inside. I purchased five packs of faux grass from Amazon. You may not need as much depending on how wide your planter is.

I wanted more flexibility so I cut it at the base. Simply bend it back and forth and it will break apart. By doing that, I have smaller pieces to work with now.


It took about 30 minutes or less to stagger the pieces of grass across the foam.


Once I finished, I decided to paint the planter a darker gray color. The spray paint that I used before is something I already had in the garage. So, I actually spent only $4 for the craft paint.

Here’s how it turned out!

IMG_2679 2.JPG

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